Manage public transport data

A transit editor to easily create a high quality GTFS feed.

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Why Urbineris

Easily create and update your data

Entering transit schedules or stop lists can be compelling. Thanks to the smart autofill feature, Urbineris makes it easy to manually enter your transit data.

Transit data with details

The specificities of your network reside on the details and exceptions. Transit data is designed to capture all those. Urbineris was precisely designed after the details of the GTFS specification. Example : stops can be tagged as accessible, transfers can be indicated.

Share with your colleagues

The Urbineris is an online software accessible from any browser. Your urbineris account can be easily shared with your colleagues for reading / editing.

Publish a high quality GTFS Feed

Transit editor includes the tooling to verify the integrity and validity of your transit data. A high quality GTFS feed will be generated and hosted for third parties to use (ex : Google Transit).

More than an editor, a transit team at your service